The Show-Me Project

NSF ESI-0137305

*A National Science Foundation
Implementation and Dissemination Project
Middle School Mathematics

The Show-Me Center served as a dissemination and implementation center of NSF-sponsored middle grades mathematics curriculum development projects from 1997-2008. The over-arching goal of the Center was to ensure the opportunity for every middle school student to study important mathematics within a learning environment that challenges their intellect and engages their interest. The Center's activities were based on the belief that opportunity to learn depends upon several factors including: teacher's mathematical knowledge; their ability to organize instruction and interact with students; a well-articulated curriculum framework; and a rich set of curriculum materials. The Show-Me Center's primary work was to support teachers as they implemented high quality curriculum materials and instructional strategies to serve their students. The four major goals of the Center:

Leadership Development-develop a sustainable leadership infrastructure to initiate and support standards-based curriculum reform.

Professional Development and Renewal-promote the professional development and renewal of middle school mathematics teachers through curriculum investigation and implementation.

Monitor Impact of the Curricula-encourage and initiate data collection efforts to monitor student performance related to curriculum reform efforts.

Disseminate Information-gather and disseminate information to decision-makers and key constituents involved in the improvement of middle school mathematics programs.

University of Missouri, Columbia

Barbara Reys

Fran Arbaugh
Ira Papick
Robert Reys
Oscar Chavez


Hyman Bass, University of Michigan
Diane Briars, Pittsburgh Public Schools
Mary Lindquist, Columbus State University
Sid Rachlin, East Carolina University
Linda Rosen, Consultant
Ed Silver, University of Pittsburgh
Jane Swafford, Illinois State University


Cindy Langrall and Edward Mooney
Illinois State University

Robert Bates, MA
Jenny Bay-Williams, KS
Peg Bondorew, MA
Murrel Brewer-Hoover, WV
Judd Freeman, CO
Rebecca McGraw, AZ
Nancy Mumaw, OH
Ron Preston, NC
Gay Ragan, MO
Linda Selwood, DE
Sharon Stenglein, MN
Linda Tetley, MO

Connected Mathematics Project Satellite
Betty Phillips, Director

Mathematics in Context Satellite
Meg Meyer, Director

MathScape Satellite
Fred Gross, Director

MATHThematics Satellite
Rick Billstein, Director

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